Borrow $700, $750 or $800 Loans - Apply Today!

Harpsey can help connect you to a US lender with the best rates for payday loans - if approved, you could have $700, $750 or $800 in your checking account the very same day! Our quick online form takes just minutes to complete, with options for bad credit and no credit check loans. Apply now and get an instant decision on your screen.

Representative Example

Borrow $700 over 3 months, at 400% APR, 3 repayments of $403.60, total repayable $1210.80

Why Should I Use Harpsey To Borrow $700, $750 or $800?

If you have found yourself needing some extra cash to cover you until your next paycheck, Harpsey is here to help secure you the most competitive rate for a payday loan. We can save you the time and money in searching multiple lenders – our online platform does it all for you! The process is quick, free and easy. 

Simply fill out the online form and you will get an instant offer on your screen from one of our trusted lenders. If approved, you could have access to a lump sum of $700, or up to $35,000 within one business working day.

How Do I Repay My Loan Of $700, $750, $800?

Once approved for a loan with one of our reputable lenders, you will agree on the repayment terms of your loan. For short term loans, a couple of weeks might be all you need to cover your payments. If you are borrowing a larger sum of up to $35,000, your loan can be repaid in equal monthly installments over a period of between 1 month and 60 months. 

This is fully flexible to your situation to be discussed with your lender before agreeing to your loan. You always have the option to repay your loan early which can help save you money on additional interest.

What Is The Criteria To Borrow $700, $750 or $800?

Not everyone is eligible for a payday loan. In order to avoid disappointment, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You must be a U.S. citizen
  • You must be in employment and have a regular income
  • You must earn a minimum of $800 per month
  • You must have a live checking account for your loan to be deposited into

There are a few other considerations to make before applying for a payday loan. Take time to think about how much money you really need and are able to comfortably repay. If you borrow too little you could find yourself struggling before your next paycheck, but overborrowing could lead to difficulty in meeting your repayments. 

Can I Borrow $700, $750 or $800 Without a Credit Check?

Life can throw many unexpected bills our way and our partners understand not everybody has a perfect credit history. If you are looking to borrow $700, $750 or $800 with no credit checks, Harpsey can find you a lender who could consider other factors than your credit score in approving your loan. Often this will require other collateral such as a car or your home. 

It is important to note all of our applications will undergo a soft credit check to confirm your eligibility, however this will not appear on your credit report and will not have any impact on your credit rating.

Can I Borrow $700, $750, $800 If I Have Bad Credit?

Yes. Harpsey works to find you an offer even if you have a history of bad credit. Many of our partners consider all kinds of credit scores and could accept your request regardless of previous financial difficulties. 

It is important that you still meet the eligibility criteria listed on this page such as having stable employment and a regular income. This is to give assurance to lenders that you can comfortably meet your repayments.


Key Features of $700-800 Loans


Bad Credit? Yes
Same Day Funding? Yes
Legal? Yes
Interest (APR)? Can be over 400%
Completely Online? Yes
Instant Decision Yes

How Fast Can I Get a Loan of $700, $750 or $800?

We have made the process as quick as possible for you to get a payday loan offer from wherever you are located. Our simple online form takes just minutes to complete and you can get an instant response from a direct lender on your phone, tablet or computer. 

In some cases there may be a few further details required therefore to maximize your chances of securing a loan quickly, make sure you are available by email or phone to answer any follow up questions from your lender. Avoiding public holidays, and applying during 9am to 5pm working hours on Monday to Friday will also help to speed up the process.

Can I Borrow $700, $750 or $800 With Guaranteed Approval?

Although we cannot guarantee approval for all customers, we will work our hardest to find the lender most likely to approve you with the best rate for your situation. Even if you have bad credit or no credit at all, we can match you to a direct lender to get you the extra cash you need as soon as possible. 

Even if you have had a previous application declined by a bank or lender, apply today and Harpsey could source you an offer in less than 5 minutes!

$700, $750 or $800 Payday Loans | FAQs

Harpsey is a broker. Our service works to match you with a direct lender who will supply your loan with the most affordable interest rate.

In filling out our online form you will be asked some simple questions about how much you are looking to borrow and for how long. You will also need to provide some additional information including your address, employment details and bank details.

No, you will not be charged a fee for applying with Harpsey. Your lender with charge daily or monthly interest on your loan which will be agreed in writing before you accept your loan terms.