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About Us

Our Journey

Harpsey was set up to help borrowers get access to the best lenders available according to their loan requirements. We connect our customers looking to borrow small amounts such as $300 or $500 loans with more than 50 lenders across the USA, offering a real-time match on the screen based on factors such as income, credit score, affordability and loan requirements.

At Harpsey, we are proud to have established ourselves as one of the leading service providers in the loan intermediary market in the USA. We continually vet and scrutinise our regulated panel of lenders to offer quality loans at competitive and flexible rates to all different types of borrowers based on their individual circumstances, including those seeking loans with bad credit histories.

Meet The Team


We are made up of a team of finance and business enthusiasts who want to offer borrowers a service that stands out in the traditional in-store loan market. We also want to simplify the jargon that is often associated with borrowing and lending so borrowers feel more in control of their finances.

Amongst our contributors is Harry and Dan who share more than 20 years combined expertise of working in financial services to offer advice, guides, savings tips and more through the Harpsey website.

Our Contributors


Meet our Haprsey authors! Beyond providing lending insights, they offer a wealth of knowledge on diverse loan products and valuable saving tips in the Harpsey blog.

 Take a look through our guides, and keep checking back for the latest advice from our industry experts. Trust them for simple and smart insights to make borrowing easier for you.

Harry - Harpsey Author


Explore Harry’s guides here.

Daniel - Harpsey Author


Explore Daniel’s guides here.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to make borrowing money a quick, easy and efficient process whilst ensuring it is done responsibly and with affordability in mind. That is why we put a strong emphasis on the lenders we work with and the checks we carry out on them.

Our product offering is broad and we match the appropriate type of lender based on the specific type of loan each borrower needs. We are truly selective in this sense, unlike some other providers in this market.

What we feel sets us apart is our unrivalled access to loan capital from flexible lenders across North America, including the US and Canada, and the “one stop shop” service we provide to our discerning and loyal base of borrowers.

We enable borrowers to receive the loan funding they need, often as quickly as 15 minutes from completing our short online application form. Our metric of success is how regularly our borrowers return to Harpsey, to complete new applications for additional loans, which we’re pleased to say, happens time and again.

At Harpsey, we do not charge a fee for this service. We may receive commission from particular lenders if an enquiry is successful and a loan is approved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

How Does Our Process Work?

1) The first step in the process is to complete a short online loan request form. As part of this form, we will ask you a series of questions including your name, address, income and employment status. The form takes about 5 minutes to complete and all responses are securely held.

2) We then use our proprietary technology combined with our team of professionals to match your borrowing needs with our pool of selected lenders. We then streamline the process by connecting you with the lender we think is best suited to your needs and circumstances.

3) If you are happy with the selected match and the terms of the loan, you will be asked to confirm the loan with the lender. The lender will then deposit the loan into your checking account usually within 24 hours.

No fees are charged by Harpsey – it is all free. Any commission we earn is directly through our platform of lenders. The application does not impact your credit score as it is a soft credit application.

Our borrowers often tell us how amazed they are with the simplicity of the application process and how quickly they receive the loan advance.

We want our borrowers to be happy with the terms of the loan so we always emphasise checking the repayment and affordability terms. And to seek independent financial advice if they have any concerns.