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Although it can never be fully guaranteed that your payday loan application will be accepted, using a fully online payday loan service like Harpsey can help find the perfect loan for your financial situation and get your loan approved by a lender. 

Due to your previous credit history, you may have found yourself searching for a loan option that is guaranteed, and some payday loan companies will advertise that they can 100% guarantee your loan approval. The reality is, however, that although a broker can work their hardest to help you find the lender most likely to approve you if you need money now, there are some necessary requirements for you to be eligible to apply for a payday loan. 


What Are The Eligibility Requirements To Get a Payday Loan?

It is not guaranteed that your application will be accepted for a payday loan offer, there are a few simple criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for a payday loan. These requirements include:

  • You have to be a US citizen
  • You have to be over the age of 18
  • You have to have stable income of over $800 per month
  • You must have a live checking account for your payday loan to be deposited into

With Harpsey there is a quick and easy form to complete that takes just a few minutes. There is basic information that you must provide to help show you meet the eligibility criteria for a payday loan including your date of birth, your address and your bank details. 

After you have filled in the form including how much you wish to borrow and for how long, you will be provided with a range of options from trusted lenders in your area (as a fully online service you can apply from wherever you are located).

The final step before you receive a payday loan approval is a soft credit check which helps give lenders assurance that you will be able to repay your payday loan. This check will not leave any visible trace on your credit report and won’t affect your credit score in any way. 


Can I Get A Guaranteed Payday Loan Without No Credit Checks?


As mentioned, it is common practice to carry out a credit check before providing a loan offer as this helps lenders determine whether there is a risk involved when lending you money, such as how much to lend a customer, how long for or whether to approve a loan application at all. 

Credit checks are a typical aspect of the payday loan process and are essential in terms of helping protect the lender but also you as the borrower from falling into any further financial difficulty. 

There are however a number of reputable lenders who can consider no credit check loans. There are some instances where other factors rather than your credit history can be considered. Our guide to no credit check loans can help with further information. 


Will I Be Able To Get a Guaranteed Payday Loan With a Bad Credit Score?


Often your credit history will help determine whether you are approved for a payday loan. You might have poor credit or no credit at all and you may find that typical lenders will reject your application. If you have bad credit however there are options available to get you the financial help you need. 

We work with a number of lenders who work specifically with borrowers who have a history of bad credit and have an understanding that you need a loan to help cover you until the end of the month due to unforeseen emergency payments. Our payday loans matching platform works to find loans for people with all types of credit history. 


How Can I Increase My Chance Of Getting A Guaranteed Payday Loan?


Firstly, in order to avoid any disappointment, you must make sure that you meet the simple eligibility requirements for your area. Secondly, although it is possible for you to find a payday loan if you have a history of bad credit, it is always advised to find some ways to improve your credit rating as this will ultimately increase the likelihood of you getting a guaranteed loan and a loan with better terms. 

By using a trusted broker like Harpsey, your application will be sent to a wide range of lenders that are directly suited to your financial situation. The process is fast which means you save time and worry and you could even have access to funds in your live checking account the very same day as applying.