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Need Cash Fast? Harpsey Is Here To Help

Need a fast cash loan? You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $35,000 swiftly. Our partners offer an instant decision, ensuring you know your eligibility promptly. Once approved, expect payment in your account within 24 hours, allowing you to address your urgent needs without delay. Repayment options are flexible, ranging from 1 to 60 months, giving you ample time to comfortably repay the loan. We’re here to help when emergencies arise.

Get money in 24 hours or less. Harpsey has a network of lenders who give fast cash across the US. They can help you borrow $100, $500 up to $35,000 when you need cash fast and need it most.

Apply For Fast Cash – Funds Deposited Within 24 Hours Or Less

Unlike traditional banks and credit unions, Harpsey lets you preview a loan’s rate and terms without any commitment to accept the fast cash loan.

Harpsey operates a network of fast cash lenders who accommodate borrowers looking for fast cash loans from $100 to $35,000. 

Our online request form is simple and you’ll receive an instant decision regarding the fast cash loan. You’ll be able to preview the fast cash loan on offer in less than 5 minutes after completing the online form.

We don’t charge any fees for using the service and there is no impact to your credit score due to the soft checks run against your online application. If you do decide to take out the fast cash loan offered to you via Harpsey, then the loan will be added to your credit profile. But no impact to your credit score is made in previewing the loan options available to you via our secure online form. 

You’ll receive the fast cash quickly and securely into your checking account.

What Are The Reasons For Needing A Fast Cash Loan?

From time to time, we all face unwanted situations where we need extra money to put them right.

For some, this may be tackling household emergencies such as a car repair, a broken boiler or a plumbing disaster. For others, this might be dealing with mounting bills which are piling up in a particular month.  

A fast cash loan may help to tackle these unexpected costs when they suddenly arise, particularly if you’re low on money and cannot wait until your next paycheck.

Where Can I Access Fast Cash?

As a trusted broker, Harpsey connects borrowers looking for fast cash loans to lenders most likely to accept your funding needs. 

We offer the full range of fast cash loan products including payday loans, secured loans and title loans – all made quickly and securely via our network of reputable lenders. 

We believe our service is of value to our users due to the speed and effectiveness of the technology we use. It means borrowers can apply for a fast cash loan using our online form and receive the money in their checking account usually on the same day. 

Of course, there are other options available to get fast cash. Borrowing from family and friends, selling old items, taking out a 0% APR credit card (you need good to excellent credit to qualify) or using “buy now, pay later” payment plans (Afterpay and Affirm currently offer this). There are also 401(k) and retirement loans which you may be able to access. We always advise speaking to a financial advisor if you decide to go down these routes. 

However, for those in a hurry looking for quick access to cash online, Harpsey is able to support you with your lending requirements. 

Key Features of Fast Cash Loans


Loan Amounts $100 to $35,000
Loan Terms 1 to 60 Months
APR 200% to 400%
Same Day Funding Yes
Bad Credit Yes
Direct Lenders Yes
Upfront Fees No

Representative Example


This is a typical example of a loan. Real terms will vary from lender to lender.

Borrow $400 over 3 months, at 400% APR, 3 repayments of $230.63, total repayable $691.89

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Borrow?

Each fast cash loan ranges from $100 to $35,000 and is generally based on your income, debts and affordability. 

Our network of lenders will usually take into account your credit score as part of the application but they apply more flexibility than the traditional banks and credit unions in considering your overall financial picture. 

Those with good to fair credit will usually be able to borrow at the higher range. However, those customers with bad and poor credit will still be considers by our lenders but a lower credit score may affect the amount they can borrow. 

For reference, a FICO score of 690 or higher is considered good or excellent credit and you can find out your credit score easily by visiting one of the online credit score agencies (Experian, Equifax or Myfico) and requesting it.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For A Fast Cash Loan With Harpsey?

Simply put, the key eligibility criteria for a fast cash loan is below. You must:

Be a US or Canadian resident
Be over the age of 18
Have a steady employment income
Earn a minimum of $800 per calendar month
Have a live checking account to pay the loan into 

No credit checks are made during the initial application for a fast cash loan through Harpsey. Bad credit applicants are always considered by our partners with an emphasis on looking at your overall financial picture rather than just your credit profile. Whether you need a $600 loan or you need to borrow thousands, let us know.

Our service boasts the ease of convenience and speed with a fully online application form and funding within 24 hours from applying. We don’t require any visits to branches. 

In order to access the best APR on your loan application, lenders typically look at a combination of factors including credit score, income and affordability. With Harpsey, you’ll be able to preview the loan APR without any commitment to proceed with the fast cash loan offer. 

Our online fast cash lenders run what we call “soft credit checks”, which have no impact to your credit score so you can pre-qualify for a fast cash loan with that reassurance and peace of mind. 

Our automated technology and bespoke lending network means the right lender and fast cash loan is offered to you based on your income, affordability and debt profile. This aims to protect you as well as the lender and means you can borrow the right fast cash loan for you without falling into financial difficulties.  Based on our experience, our trusted online lenders cater to a large variety of consumers compared to the traditional banks and credit unions, particularly in relation to those customers with fair and bad credit scores. 

If you’re in a hurry, Harpsey is ready to be your lending partner. We’ll work hard to get you what you need. 

When And How Much Do I Need To Repay?

As part of your application for a fast cash loan, you will be asked to confirm certain details relating to the repayment terms you would prefer with our selected online lender. 

Our designated lenders must disclose the repayment terms clearly to you up-front, so you are in no doubt as to the frequency and amount of the repayments you owe, before you accept the fast cash loan. We only work with lenders that comply with this legal requirement. 

The repayment process is simple and straight-forward. The repayment amount is collected from you bank account on a scheduled date that you select, with most customers typically choosing the end of the month payday. 

If your fast cash loan only lasts for 1 month, then you’ll usually pay the entire loan together with the interest in full on your selected repayment date. This can be on your next payday date.

If you wish to extend your loan for a period of 3, 6, 12 months or longer, then you can choose to repay the fast cash loan in equal installments over that same period. The lender may also prefer you to do this depending on your financial situation.

Lenders typically send alerts and reminders by email and SMS to your cell phone in the period leading up to the monthly repayment date to make you aware of any scheduled automatic repayments due to be taken from your account. This avoids any nasty surprises and means everything runs smoothly. 

Once all your scheduled repayments are made, no further repayments are taken and the loan automatically ends. If you’ve made all repayments in full and on time, your credit score will also get a boost.

Why Should I Use Harpsey For A Fast Cash Loan?

Harpsey prides itself on a simple, fast and effective service which enables borrowers to access much needed fast cash. We strive to offer our customers the most seamless access to our network of lenders to maximise their chances of approval for a fast cash loan. By completing our simple online form, we connect you with our lenders who compete for your business by offering some of the most competitive and flexible loan terms and rates in the market. 

We know how difficult it can be to access fast cash when you need it. We set up Harpsey to support customers through the process of finding out what loan products are available by connecting them directly with the right lenders.

We are pleased to boast that the service is free for our customers as there is no fee for applying for a loan through Harpsey. Similarly, any loan application through Harpsey will have no impact on an applicant’s credit score as our lenders only run soft credit checks at the pre-qualification application stage.  If you decide to accept and proceed with a loan offer made available to you, your credit profile will then be updated to take into account of the loan you have taken out and whether you have met your repayment obligations. 

We only work lenders who share our values and mindset in supporting customers with the right loan product in a responsible and affordable way. We have fully regulated lenders ready and willing to lend to residents across numerous states in the US. This allows Harpsey to be at the forefront of the drive to help people get access to fast cash through our online platform in a quick, safe and fair way.

You could need fast cash just to clear the bills that are piling up at home. The extra fast cash will help bridge that gap and get you out of your temporary emergency financial situation. 


We always recommending speaking directly with your lender if you are struggling to make your repayments. Under the terms of your loan offer, you will usually be charged a late fee if you fail to make a repayment. Your credit score may also be impacted adversely if you miss a fast cash loan repayment which is due. 

We strongly encourage speaking to your lender if you are concerned about your ability to make any of your fast cash loan repayments. Most lenders have processes and systems in place to provide some form of support and help to those borrowers in financial difficulties. 

They may offer you a revised payment plan or agree to freeze the interest on the repayments for a set period whilst you deal with the underlying issue. 

If you make contact with the lender, you have the best chance of tackling the issue and finding a resolution which satisfies both yourself and the lender. If you are silent or do not respond to your lender’s plan, you may incur late fees as well as additional charges. 

The exact cost in terms of interest and APR of your fast cash loan is based on a number of factors including your credit profile, the regular debts you have outstanding as well as your income, cash flow and affordability. 

Our lenders often take a look at the overall financial picture to determine the terms and rates they are able to offer. This provides a better view of your overall financial health which is what our preferred lenders assess. Rather than looking solely at your credit score, our lenders will take into account all the different elements of your financial situation to determine their lending approach.

For fast cash loans, we do typically see APRs range from 391% to 521% on average. 

No, no fee is charged for completing our loan enquiry form with Harpsey which we provide completely free to our users. Your enquiry does not cost anything and no money is taken from your account. 

No, Harpsey is not a lender, instead, we are an intermediary helping borrowers connect with online lenders that have passed our high standards and checks. We do not do any direct lending, but help bring together borrowers with lenders looking to advance loans through our integrated borrower and lender network. Any loan taken out is directly with the lender of choice. 

As part of our free service to our users, we may receive a commission from a lender we work with on acceptance of our loan request form. This does not affect the lenders we recommend to our users, who are chosen for their high standards, responsible lending and ability to accommodate almost all types of borrowers.

Harpsey’s significant experience as an introducer in the competitive loan market means we work with our lenders to ensure they understand the different types of borrower candidates looking for loan funding. This includes borrowers with different credit histories and profiles, all of whom are matched appropriately within our pool of lenders.